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A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare Adventure. It’s a world of little hope, but there is


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There is no more United States of America. The world is divided between the dirt poor and the filthy rich There are no jobs. There is no future. No hope. There is only one thing that the world cares about. One chance at happiness.

The Race.

A desperate, dangerous challenge across the badlands. For the winner, it equals a life of wealth, fame, and comfort. But surviving The Race is nearly impossible. If your fellow drivers don’t kill you, what’s left in the former U.S. might.

They all have their reasons, but only one driver can win it all.

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One Response to THE NEWEST BOOK

  1. I have just finished reading your splendid book on the United Airlines crash at Chesterton. I read it from cover to cover and was enthralled. I am amazed that no memorial has ever been put up for this crash in or around Chesterton. I myself have been responsible for a memorial for the first bombing of a jet airliner in American history (Continental Flight 11, May 22, 1962) and found an overwhelming response from the town where that flight came to rest. The FBI won’t release the files on that one interestingly (still the Hoover era too). However we got a memorial for Flight 11 so I can only hope Chesterton does something to remember this significant historical event and the lives of those 7 poor souls. Once again a fantastic read.

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